Book Design

My job is to design a book that analyzes and explores a certain brand, organization or website, and I picked the organization - WIKILEAKS. Supported by skilled internet hackers, WIKILEAKS is a nonprofitable and nonofficial origination that exposes information such as corrupt practices in the government and the internal confidential business document.

I defined myself as internet hackers, and analyzed WIKILEAKS from four major areas - Initial Establishment & Organization Mode, Current Status & Future Trends, Achievements & Influences, Enlightenment & Reflection. I utilized the grid system a lot to organize information, and manipulated the ratio of the computer screen as the size of the book in order to mimick the computer reading experience. Also, for the purpose of simulating the process of hacking and the lost of information in the virtual computer world, I retouched the pictures with blurry effects, randomly inserted computational codes and presented contents in folders and window texts.