Mixed Media Installation

By accident, I found an interesting similarity among my female classmates when working on our ideas. The perspectives on the art work clings to putting ego into the connection with the outside world, which is quite the opposite to that of boys who will always focus on facts or systematic concepts. All this triggered my strong curiosity of the ego consciousness of females. Having referred to and analyzed quantities of works of female artists and their motivations, I made the discovery that the conduct of whispering to oneself serves the state of creating, which indicates that this form of self-talk is almost from instinct. It is rather a private inner conversation. I was determined to merge that sort of conversation, which speaks my own feelings, into my graduation project, and make it feels alive.

About The Mirror
Thus began the progress. I took mirror as my painting carrier to represent the relationships between my works, the visitors and me. The crafts of women artists are closely connected with their feelings, experience, perception. Seeing them seems as if staring at oneself in the mirror, just like ‘mirror image’. The mirror itself conveys a much deeper meaning beyond its appearance. The physical reflection stays simply a mirror image while its nonphysical one beyond the surface belongs to a form of ideology. Lacan, a French psychoanalyst, points out in his theory "Mirror Stage" that mirror stage is a stage of disintegration of the subjects during mental formation. It is the understanding of people's psychological development and is the final conclusion of the production of self-awareness. The “mirror image” is a narrative manner of self-awareness. That is the way women artists take when inventing something.

The “me” observed in the fragments is incomplete and misplaced. The edge of the broken mirror contrasts greatly with the softness and gentleness of female figure. What I also meant to represent is split personality, just like what I am in the daytime differs greatly from what I am in the night.

 About The Book
The cover of this handmade book is made up of a pink sheepskin. The sheepskin is stuck tightly on the well cut cardboard pieces, and are arranged into the shape of a broken mirror. I found some pieces of old paper from a dumped paper mill, and the texts were printed on the these sheets with an old black-and-white printer. Then I had them bound up. 

The book falls into three parts. The first part includes one hundred questions along side with one hundred diaries that were raised by asking myself in the mirror and serve as the framework of the whole book. The second part shows clippings of the pictures of my everyday life. The third is involved in the patterns of mirror images. Every question is responded with a different diary, a picture and a pattern as well. The “me” in the book comes in three status: the “me” in diaries stands for “me” in the night while the one in pictures represents “me” in the daytime. And a different “me” can be sensed in the questions coming from the conversations between the “me” outside the mirror and the “em” inside it. Keeping diaries is considered a private way to let out my bad moods. The four years of university life were collected and saved on a website which I believed to be secure. This project offered me an opportunity to transfer the lines into paper for better preservation. The whole book is the process of talking to “em”, where female life status is fully reflected.