Emotions on line


Photo by Leon Eckert


Emotions on line is a wearable instrument that generates sound by pulling strings out of a retractable custom mechanism attached to the performer’s body. The sound generated by the instrument has an analog change according to the performer’s body extension. In this way, different people with different body size would play the instrument differently with unique sound being composed, as people would have unique personal understanding and emotions of certain sound.


What exactly is music and why it revokes strong emotions or feelings? This is the question I attempt to explore when I start making this project. About the music in my project, I am trying to explore the possible sound of natural cycles and rhythms in our bodies. 


Photo by Yan Wang


12.03.2017    ITP NIME SHOW in Littlefield Theatre

02.15.2018    NEW YOUTH: China-America Young Artists Exhibition in Metropolitan Pavilion

02.17.2018     Frequency Sweep in Babycastles Gallery

03.2018        Selected project to showcase in NIME 2018, "Mirrored Resonances"

06.20.2018   Summer Variety in Jump Into The Light 

VICE - The Creator Project