Boarding On the Last Day
Interactive Game

This interactive piece was inspired by the “2012 phenomenon", which was a belief that the end of earth will happen on or around 21 December 2012, and people are prepared for this destructive event with the Noah’s Ark, but only selected passengers (such as Steve Jobs, Micheal Jackson and etc) can be boarded. In order to challenge this limitation, we designed a Noah’s Ark boarding process/game with arduino and Processing, and everyone can “fight” for getting a valuable ticket to the Noah’s Ark.

How it works:
1. Register at the gate, the computer will generates player a “Boarding Passport”

2. Enter the departure gate with the “Boarding Passport” and get ready of the infrared channel

3. Avoid the rays in the infrared channel, alarm will be on and player may fail if touches the rays. If successes, enter the screen room

4. In the screen room, fight with other players for the chance (due to the limited numbers of tickets) to wear the helmet in the air , players need to jump in order to trigger the sensor in the helmet

5. Once you make it, you will successfully board the “Noah’s Ark”